Facts About Queers

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100% true facts about queer identified individuals.


    The FAQ of FAQ

    I am [gender/sexuality] but [this fact] hasn’t happened to me, WHAT DO I DO?

    Yes, yes I’m sure it is. Now that you’re calm, let us explain. Many facts may not apply to everyone of your gender or sexuality all of the time. Or you may have experienced said fact and just been too busy being super queer to notice. Do experiments! We are busy researchers and don’t have time to test all of these or do stuff like ‘study’.  

    Just wait and see what happens. If it’s something you’re pretty sure you should have developed or experienced by now, you are probably just being a dirty liar about your gender/sexuality and are trying to mess up our important facts-gathering GET OUT OF HERE.

    Where do I get a Queer Identification Card?

    The Bureau will contact you when you are ready. Try walking past public telephones and pick them up if they ring, or going to a gay bar in a trenchcoat and brooding in the corner. If you come out without a card, you are not allowed to be a queer. But you’re no longer cisgendered or heterosexual either. You are just floating in gendersexuality limbo as a nothinglessblob for all eternity.

    Is [fact] true?

    Why would we put up something as A FACT and tag it 100% TRUE if it wasn’t? Are you calling us liars? Everything posted on the internet is a fact and applies to everybody (for the sake of this question ignore what we said above about the possibility of a fact not applying to you).

    Why aren’t there more/any facts about [gender/sexuality]?

    Because you haven’t submitted any, silly. We’ll get to work on on studying that, but for now we need your experiences. And if there isn’t a tag for your fact it’s totally ok. We’ve got this. We can add it after. That’s how awesome we are.

    What does [term] mean?

    There are a lot of awesome queer tumblrs out there with definitions for you. Maybe we’ll do a blogroll or something in the future. We’re lazy. We’re just gonna link to Project Queer cause it’s awesome.

    No seriously what does [term] mean did you just make this up?

    Oh, now that you’ve asked nicely, here is our favorite resource


    Ok, fine, we’ll turn down the sarcasm meter for a second. All of these facts are as equally true as the very first fact we posted. (spoiler: these are jokes)

    [This fact/language] is offensive.

    Actual sincere apologies on our part. We edit our submissions for language and try not to post anything that could be read too seriously or may be triggering. If we can’t find a way to reframe an offensive submission we just won’t post it. Thank you for letting us know. If you find something offensive, send us an ask - we really aren’t able to follow the reblog comments to check for ourselves.

    My submission didn’t get posted/you changed my submission and I thought the original version was hilarious!

    As stated in the above question, we edit language to be accurate. It was possibly offensive or a repeat. Or it could still be in the queue waiting to be posted. We currently post 5 submissions a day and we generally have 30+ submissions in queue at any given time so it could take upwards of a week to get posted.

    You’re doing too many posts about [gender/sexuality]! Do more about [gender/sexuality]!

    If you’re disappointed by a lack of submissions about some identity then feel free to submit some of your own. We can’t post what we don’t have and we’re always excited to get more submissions. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.